What a weekend!

October 6, 2014

Hello Hello Hello Hello!!!!!

What a week.  What a weekend.  What a General Conference weekend!!  GAH!!!
So here’s the thing.  Our investigator Tim who totally said he would come to General Conference on Sunday morning ended up not showing.  So Sis. Clark and I drove straight to his apartment afterward and after a long conversation which involved him calling me a smart alec (I do cherish his words of endearment) he agreed to go to the last session.  He also admitted that if we hadn’t shown up at his door he probably wouldn’t have come.
And then he did!!!!  And he said afterwards, “I’m glad I came.  I was very impressed.” And the talk that we were worried he wouldn’t get anything out of ended up hitting home for him.  AND he wants to feed us dinner.  Dang.  AH!
Ya know…it’s the little things.  It really is.  Sis. Clark and I had fasted and prayed SO HARD that the people we invited to conference would come.  He is the only one who came and it was for the last session of conference.  One might say that it was a waste of a fast and our faith…but it wasn’t.  God’s ways are not our ways.  I trust Him.
That’s all folks!  Hope you have a wonderful week!  Mine is sure starting out wonderful 😀
Sis. O’Donnell

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