Can I Just Say How Happy I am?

October 27, 2014
Dear all,

If someone could write a letter to the Time and ask it to stop speeding up on me..that would be really really appreciated.
So!  this week was totally weird.  We were asked by the stake to help usher with the BYU ballroom dance team performance that came to Tucson this past week and THEN our president said we could WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!    <——-  that’s about how I felt about it.  It was the coolest thing ever.  And it was also the weirdest thing ever as a missionary.  The next morning we had zone conference hahaha which was DEFINITELY a good thing. And then the next day we had like half our day taken up by helping out with Hope Fest which is a festival where people donate clothes, shoes, etc and then people can just come and take what they want!  It took SOOOOO long and we didn’t even finish but it was sooo fun.  It was a week just FILLED with service including serving a woman in our ward whom we are working with.  She came to church TWICE this month!! 😀  She’s so happy.  She just glows.
Can I just say how happy I am?  I just testify that serving others is the quickest way to turn a rotten day into a day flourishing with precious, satisfying moments.  It’s so great.

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