The Spirit FILLED the Room

Monday, November 3, 2014

Dear all,

This is what I have decided,.  When I get home, I’m going straight to my room, and with two pairs of sweatpants, three pairs of socks, a hoody, and 7 blankets, I will begin my season of hibernation for the next eight months.  My parents can install a kitty door in my door, the intent being that they can slide the necessary hot chocolate and soup in order that I might not go hungry.  That, my friends, is what I call survival.
On a more serious/miraculous note, last week on P-Day Sis. Clark and I decided to go to this really neat gift shop type of thing.  It’s full of hand crafted native american/hispanic tucsonly/arizonaly  things.  Jewelry, decorations, etc.  We started looking around the elaborate store when the owner (a Native American woman) asked how we were doing and if we needed help.  We started talking with her and she told us she was from another country.  After asking her what brought her to Arizona, she chuckled and asked if we really wanted to know.  We said we did and she went on to explain her whole life story in about an hour.  She said growing up her father died and she was abused greatly by her mother and everyone else she’d ever known.  The way in which she came to the U.S. was that she was kidnapped and brought here.  She went through the darkest things that a human being could go through.
But then came her incredible journey of finding Christ.  This woman, who you see in the picture, reached out to God and found her Savior.  Because of Him and her many sacred experiences, she is now a glowing, warm, and loving daughter of God who loves the Lord.  It was absolutely incredible.  The Spirit FILLED the room as she spoke and we all left in tears.
She doesn’t agree with the Book of Mormon, but she will get there eventually.  She’s too close to the Lord to not.
I just testify that the Savior is REAL.  He lives.  And he is always working to help us come back home.  How he loves us!!!!!  In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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