Brand Spankin’ New

November 12, 2014

Dear all,

Hello there!!  Well, this past week has been absolutely insane.  With my companion going home, and picking up an extra companion for the day because HER companion left early and everything else, we were absolutely WIPED!  I am paying for the lack of sleep now with an excellent dose of cold symptoms. WOO!!
So about a week before transfer calls, President Passey let me know that not only am I staying a Sister Training Leader, but I will also be training a brand spankin’ new missionary as well.  His words of comfort to me were, “This way, we get a great trainer, and you won’t get trunky!”  Haha.  Thanks President.  (FYI trunky= wanting to go home)   So that was a nice surprise that I wasn’t expecting even slightly.  But my new companion is just a doll!  Her name is Sis. Goodwin and when I saw the list of incoming missionaries I saw her name and I KNEW  that she was the one I would get.  And then when I saw the group of sisters, I singled her out and knew she was Sis. Goodwin.  Conclusion?  This was meant to be for my last transfer/5 weeks of my mission. I am SO grateful that we all receive revelation from God.
So yeah, Sis. Goodwin is so great and I love her.  She’s very very capable and I really don’t have to help much haha and she’s a lot nicer than I am so our ward will appreciate that hahaha.
Also, with our investigator Tim, we had SUCH great lesson with him.  He hasn’t been getting much out of the Book of Mormon so in our lesson we talked about STUDYING the book of Mormon vs just reading it.  His ears perked up and the Spirit was there to testify.  We will be discussing more of that later.   It just strengthened my Testimony that to get anything out of the Bible or the Book of Mormon, we have to study and apply what  we learn so that the Spirit can teach us vs just the words.
K, I love you all very much!!!!!!
Sis O’Donnell

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