“I Felt That In My Heart”

November 24, 2014

Dear all,

Happy early Thanksgiving!!!  What a WONDERFUL holiday it is. In fact it’s probably my favorite.  I’m trying to think more about what I am grateful for.  I’m reminded of President Uchtdorf’s talk on gratitude two conferences ago and a sister missionary who really applied what he said into her life.  She’s one of the happiest people I know because she’s just always grateful!  How awesome is that?
One thing I’m SO grateful for is revelation from God, or in other words, His guidance and direction/answers to prayers.  I am grateful to know that He loves and is so incredibly and perfectly aware of ALL of His children.  Example:
A member of our ward met an elderly gentleman and helped him get home.  This member told us to go try him and see if he was interested in hearing our message of teh Gospel.  We tried his home SO many times and could never get a hold of him.  Until a couple of days ago.
The man was named Raphael and he was soooo sweet.  We shared with him bits and pieces of the Gospel, striving to understand what he needed to hear the most.  Feeling a little lost because of his accent and how he would go off on tangents we asked if we could say a prayer with him.  He accepted and we did so.  Afterward he said, “Thank you so much…”  He paused, covering his face with his hand, his body shaking as he struggled to compose himself.  With tears in his eyes, and his voice quivering, he said, “I felt that in here,”  he gestured to his heart.  “I felt that in my heart.  Thank you so much.”
That was a testimony to me that God is aware of His children and He knows what they need.  While I don’t know whether Raphael is particularly interested in learning more, I know that He felt God’s love for him in that moment, and I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to witness that and be a part of it.
I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving is joyful as well as stomachfull.  I love you all!!
Sister O’Donnell

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