With a Clean Slate

December 1, 2014

Dear all,

We had a pretty fantastic miracle this week!!
Okay, so there was this woman who’s husband is not a member and she hasn’t been to church for years because she got offended by someone.  We’ve tried her door a BILLION times and got rejected by her husband.  Well, on exchanges (when a companionship trades companions with another companionship for the day) the sister who was with me was helping me identify families in our congregation who have members of the family who are not members of the church.  She found this family the B’s (the woman mentioned above).  I groaned a little bit because we had tried them SO often but I decided we would go anyway.  This time we left a note on her door asking her to call us so we could meet with her.
Well.  A couple days later guess what???  SHE CALLED US!!!! WOOOO!!!! (I hope this becomes a trend).  She actually set up a time with us to meet!
So we go there and talk with her and she tells us without us prompting her or anything, “You must have come at the right time.  For YEARS people have tried to get me back to church but I always sent my husband to tell them no.  But when I got your note God told me to call you back, so I did.  And now I want to call the Bishop, meet with him, and start coming back to church with a clean slate.”   ???????????? WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So happy.  It was awesome!!
Well, I recognize time is running out for me in Arizona and it breaks my heart.  Words cannot express how much I love this place and these people.  Please pray for me that the last couple weeks I will be able to use to their full potential.
Thank you everyone!!!!
Sister O’Donnell

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